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Jenny Marra MSP

Member of the Scottish Parliament for North East Scotland


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0131 348 6427

Office 5/2, Whitehall House, 33 Yeaman Shore, Dundee, DD1 4BJ

01382 202584

Support for Scotland’s place within the

United Kingdom at Abertay Debate in Dundee

16th January 2017 - Dundee students showed majority support for Scotland staying within the United Kingdom at a debate at Abertay University today. The debate, attended by over 100 students, debated the motion ‘It is time for Scotland to become an independent nation state' with Councillor Stewart Hunter arguing for and Jenny Marra MSP arguing against Scottish independence. Before the debate started the students took a vote 55% in favour of Scotland being independent. After the debate the majority had shifted with 55% voting for Scotland to stay within the UK.


Commenting after the debate, Jenny Marra MSP said:


“We had a constructive and reasoned debate looking at issues on the economy and democracy that are important to students at Abertay and are important to people all over Scotland. I think the case made during the referendum by the SNP for independence has been scrutinised more deeply by people as the oil price and economic reality are having a deeper impact and there is recognition after the Brexit vote that our economy in Scotland is still better off in the UK."