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Jenny Marra MSP

Member of the Scottish Parliament for North East Scotland


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Office 5/2, Whitehall House, 33 Yeaman Shore, Dundee, DD1 4BJ

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Marra - NHS Tayside financial plan is 'still deeply worrying'

29th March 2017 - Commenting ahead of NHS Tayside management giving evidence to the Public Audit and Post-Legislative Scrutiny Committee tomorrow, Convener Jenny Marra MSP said:


“The financial recovery plan that NHS Tayside has submitted is still deeply worrying.


"For the financial year that's about to end, NHS Tayside bosses have now received another £1.5 million loan from the Scottish Government, on top of the £11.7 million loan already provided.


“The Board also wants an additional £4 million loan for next year, while £17 million of the savings they have to make are either high or medium risk.


"If this is granted, NHS Tayside would owe a staggering £37 million. The reality is NHS Tayside is yet to pay back a single penny and they’ve already indicated that they won’t be able to pay it all back.


“At tomorrow’s meeting, we expect to get detailed answers on how they’ll make these savings without impacting NHS Tayside jobs and vital patient services."